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60 Capsules
60 Capsules
60 Capsules

URINARY HARMONY Urinary Tract Cleanse & Protection

$ 29.99

This clinical strength and studied blend helps to flush, cleanse & protect the urinary tract and promote overall urinary health.*

  • Clinically tested dual action formula shown to support & improve comfort in as little as 7 days*
  • Detox, flush, cleanse & protect the urinary tract
  • Contains d-mannose and hibiscus, a trusted alternative or compliment to cranberry
  • Super clean ingredients, no artificial fillers or binders 



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1 Pack
1 Pack
1 Pack

Key Ingredients

Potent Ingredients & Nothing Else

Product Information

URINARY HARMONY is here to help with clinical dose of D-Mannose and Hibiscus to cleanse, flush and protect the urinary fast and for proactive urinary tract support.  

Clinically tested dual action formula

More than just d-mannose, URINARY HARMONY is a fast-acting supplement for women & men clinically shown to support urinary tract health and improve comfort in as little as 7 days. Helps you deal with that annoying feeling constantly reminding you of looming urinary tract trouble. It uses natural yet proven ingredients like D-Mannose and Hibiscus Extract to balance the pH of your urinary tract, reduce inflammation, and flush out bacteria.

Flush, cleanse & protect 

Helps flush out bacteria & impurities and help restore total urinary and bladder wellness, promote proper pH balance and support long-term urinary and bladder wellness. Flush unwanted bacteria daily with our clinically tested formula of D-Mannose and Hibiscus Extract to cleanse your system fast. 

Trusted alternative to cranberry 

D-Mannose, a known and trusted ingredient found in berries, helps to flush out impurities from your urinary tract is paired with Hibiscus for total urinary tract support. You can try it on its own or pair with KILLER CRANBERRY for ultimate urinary protection and everyday maximum support and protection for those who want or need it 

Everything you need, nothing you don’t 

Urinary Harmony capsules contain a cGMP-certified blend, completely free of fillers, binders, artificial ingredients, gluten, wheat and animal testing for clean urinary support  

Just 2 Capsules A Day 

to deliver 24/7 daily urinary tract support with easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules daily with a meal and water 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3473 reviews

It still works


I love this product!!! ❤️


They actually work!

Lori K.
Broke the recurrent infection cycle

An elderly female relative was suffering with recurrent UTI's and the side effects from antibiotics made her miserable too. Her urologist suggested d-mannose along with other measures once her last infection cleared up. She has been infection free for about a year after taking these pills. She takes one in the am and one at night. They have really worked at preventing new infections from occurring.

jane newkirk
I continue to be happy with this product.

Happy with this product.

No more UTI

These stop my UTI in its tracks every single time.

Seems to work

I ended up trying this because of reoccurring bladder infections. I also was having loss of sensation. After I'd complete antibiotics a month later I'd back back at the doctor for another round. These did seem to help and I paired it with cranberry juice. I recently learned that I have Hashimotos, and once taking meds my bladder seemed to be rapidly improving. Haven't had bladder infection since. Keep that in mind if you are having issues ladies.Just something to talk w your doc about. I recommend these - definitely helped.

This product works fast and relieves you of any symptoms

Easy to swallow! A great product


As woman that has struggled with chronic, recurring UTIs for years, I'm so happy to say that this product works! I wish I had found it sooner! I ordered at onset of symptoms and took it with AZO (to alleviate symptoms - AZO does not treat UTI) for a few days. I took 1 pill AM and PM (about 12 hours apart) for 3-4 days and have continued with 1 in the morning, for support. I'll likely start taking as a preventative after intercourse and see how that goes. My symptoms were gone and cleared by the time my NP called to say my urine culture showed bacteria and prescribed antibiotic (took 5 days with weekend), which means I would've suffered for DAYS longer without this product. This product doesn't have a great taste and the pills are kinda large, but no issue not worth getting over for what it does for you! I'm going to likely try cheaper D-Mannose alternatives next (There's other options for half the price and more than triple the servings on Website), but if you're researching and want a verified D-Mannose product. This is it! (I'm not a doctor, this isn't medical advice, yadda yadda).

This works

My husband first heard about this product and knowing of my frequent bladder infections & uti's, suggested I try it. From the first day, it took care of my issues. My parents then told me of some of the problems they were experiencing, frequent need to use the restroom & discomfort ~ and I sent it to them to try. They haven't stopped raving about how well it's worked for them as well. Needless to say, we recommend this product.

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