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great value, great product

Very helpful for quicker recovery from a cold


Works great

Helps to fight off the flu or shorten duration

This is a great product. If you take it at the first sign of a rough throat, sneezing or sniffles it can either prevent fly and colds from grabbing hold of you or greatly shorten their duration. I take two capsules 3 times the first day then buck it down to 2 x a day after that. Gave it to 2 if my friends. The one who took it at the first sign of her sire throat and sniffles was almost well by morning while the other, who had already been ill for a day felt much better the next day and was well by day 4. She tends to hold on to colds and flush while I have weak lungs and can go down for a month or longer. So this had become one if the most important herbs in both of our medicine cabinets. I will never be without it after this and am telling all of my friends about it. Add some odorless garlic for an even faster recovery if the flu has already taken hold. Works like a charm.


This one is really good. It helps when I start feeling sick. Kick them away within fews hours.

Keep your immune system strong.

We can use all the help we can to keep our immune systems at their best.

Excellent Quality

This product was first rate in quality and ingredients. I am purchasing again.

Feel much better

Love it great product

Nature’s antibiotic!

This product is a lifesaver! The nasty flu has been going around and everyone has it. My daughter came home with it and had the 103 temp and the whole nine yards. I stayed home with her for a week, nursing her back to health and snuggling her for her comfort (she’s ten), while she coughed in my face and sneezed mercilessly. Three evenings within a two week span I swore I was coming down with something. Desperate, I took this product, lots of vitamin c and avoided sugar and each time the “sick” feeling left within a day. I also did zicam nose swabs. Winning combo!!

Great product

I love this product. It is help me not get a cold or the flu all of last year. I offered it to my staff and my family as well. They haven’t gotten sick either.

It Works

This product really works! I use it as a preventive product. I have not experienced the common infections i used to experince since I started this product.

Good value.

Well will see how this works. I will follow up with a reviews so far good.


We use this as soon as we feel a cold coming on; significantly reduces the duration and severity of the cold

Good stuff

Great product, I’ll be ordering again

Fingers crossed

Before having kids I rarely got sick, now I seem to come down with something 3-4 times a year. I did some research on supplements that help with my immune system. I read a lot of reviews on this product and it seemed like most people where very happy. To early to tell for myself but very hopeful.

This supplement ain’t no joke

My whole house got sick last month and skip me the 1st go round using Andrographis, Astragalus, and elderberry and elderberry but got me on the 2nd and even then it did not hit as bad or long as it did other people. I believe it hit me because I cut back on the Andrographis because I was running out. I gave this to my family and it helped kick the virus quickly. I love this brand because of the quality and will continue to buy.

Happy with my purchase,

Thank You!

helped with my aches and pains

very helpful with joint discomfort

Really Works!

I had the flu 3 times within a 4 month period. Working in the public I catch everything. I started taking these 2 months ago and have not had the flu or cold.

Nice Immune System Boost

So far I have been enjoying the immune system boost from the andrographis. I thought I knew most of the ayurvedic type supplements out there but it looks like EU natural has something that most others don't. Very nice addition to an already clean diet and lifestyle!

Flu & Shingles Help

I got this to ward off the flu this year. While everyone around me was getting sick, I kept going. I read that this stuff could help shorten the duration of a shingles outbreak. While I haven't had to deal with that, one of my relatives suffers severely. She got a bottle & has found a lot of relief.

Best vitamin for cold.

It is the best vitamins to build your immune system. I bought it to help my terrible cold and after I took it one night, it had stopped my bloody nose and I felt better. It is amazing product, stock up while you can especially cold season and spring is coming soon. I will definitely buy more!!! They have variety of vitamins here, great quality and very effective.

Makes a difference in mobility!

This product (Andographis) has helped eliminate lots of joint pain! I first discovered Andographis as an ingredient in a immune defense product I was taking this winter to kill a cold and stave off a sinus infection and bronchitis. Upon researching it, learned that it is effective against inflammation and a light bulb went off, as I'd noticed prior that I was feeling so much better in my joints and feet! I ordered this Andographis and will probably use it for life (unless I develop any sort of allergy or immunity to it) but I don't anticipate that happening!

Great product

A great product indeed, I would recomend it to anyone. Will buy again. Thank you.

It really seems to work!

I take this when I know I’ve been exposed to someone with a cold or flu, or if I have symptoms, and it seems to prevent or stop the illness.

effective herb for improved health

this is a very effective herb for improved health and health improvement