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    Just what we needed

    The product was just what we needed. Our dreams are coming true.

    STONE BREAKER Kidney & Gallbladder Cleanse
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    Gave me a lot of constipation

    I started taking stone breaker but it gives me a lot of Constipation. I am not sure why is that. I am also taking Stone Free which has no such side effects but even with 1 tablet of Stone Breaker daily, i get intense constipation which I think is not good so I am leaving it right now and will stick only to Stone FREE and some lemon waterBy the way I have one stone hanging in my right ureter of 4mm


    I was in quite a lot of discomfort, went to one quack and after reviewing an ultrasound scan he said out with your gall bladder! I was definitely not going that route, so I found these and ordered them. The result: amazing. One month later, a more detailed scan a month later revealed "evidence of cholelithiasis without cholelithiasis" so the gallstones had gone and definitely no pain. A different, more reasoned doctor was happy with the result. So, yes, I highly recommend them and I hope you have the same outcome as I did.

    It works!

    I have sinus problems and was looking for something "natural" to help. I'm familiar with this company so I tried this. Yep, its a keeper! They really do work!

    Fingers 🤞

    So my mom had told me this regulated her cycle after trying everything so I figured I'd give it a shot. I was on day 74 when I took my first dose with very negative OPKs. 2 days in I got a blazing positive OPK. I'm currently 5 DPO. I'll probably update this comment in a week or two! But so far I'm loving it!

    Worth a try!

    These vitamins are easy to swallow & I feel they've helped my hair grow a bunch since taking them. No crazy side effects either, just be sure to take with plenty of water!

    Helps hot flashes

    Helps a lot with hot flashes

    Helped to get my cycle on track

    My hubby and i had been trying for 6 months to get pregnant after a chemical pregnancy. My system was all out of wack. I purchased this to see if it would help and it helped get my ovulation back on track. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and stopped using it once i found out i was pregnant. I recommend giving it a try.

    Helped a lot with my gout. My doctor said to keep taking it.

    worked great on my gout.

    Best ever

    Got got my daughter no issues with pain since and able to live !! Kept her gallbladder:)

    UTI Relief

    This is my second bottle. Whenever I have a UTI, two of these pills in less than a day clear up my symptoms. I still get treated &take antibiotics, but these pills provide relief.

    It works

    I use it & it helps me with ovulation !

    Must try it

    Cuando uno esta amamantando uno prueba de todo y a mi me funcionaron estas pastillas, las tome cuando tenia 2 meses y subieron mi nivel de producción a lo doble, pero en cuanto las deje de tomar volvio a disminuir. Solución: no las dejes de tomar.

    Actually works!!!!

    Hi, I've been a migraine/headache sufferer for 25+ years (since the age of 5). I've gone to a litany of specialists, and doctors, but alas no relief or even explanation of the cause.Until now I've tried changing my diet, holistic medicine, as well as pharmaceutical medicine, still no change. It almost seems strange to me to no longer have headaches or migraines, I've thought about giving up on the idea of ever finding anything that works.As of today I've gone a whole month without a single headache or migraine, which is the longest I've gone since I've been old enough to remember. I don't know who the angels are that work for EU Naturals, I just want to thank them from the bottom of my heart personally for allowing me to feel what a normal life free of headache/migraines is like.

    Positive Ovulation & Pregnancy!

    My husband and I have been to get pregnant for about a year now with no luck. I am 36 and have been having some hormone issues and cysts on my ovaries. I started taking ovulation tests about 7 months ago and i never really got a positive ovulation test. The test strip was always faint which means it's negative (opposite of a pregnancy test). I started taking these vitamins and my husband was taking the Conception For Men vitamins from this brand as well. TWO MONTHS later I got my first positive ovulation test. TWO WEEKS later I'm PREGNANT!! I am now 4 weeks pregnant and so excited! Ps. They also taste and smell really good.

    Good pills

    Can't say if they help with fertility or not but definitely helped regulate my cycle. Before the pills my cycle would come every month but for only a day and a half. My cycle use to last 3 days idk what happened but after taking the pills at least once a day for a month my cycle returned to lasting 3 days again. Will continue to take to see if it continues.

    I started these on 7/7/21and on 8/12/21 got my BFP


    Really works!!

    If you have PCOS and looking to conceive, this prenatal is magic. We conceived in the very first month of taking this pill and now we have a healthy 6 month old. It doesn't taste the best but it certainly works!

    They worked!

    I have only used this product for 3 weeks and I already have seen positives changes. I have Pcos and thyroid, my cycles are irregular and long. Whenever in the past I have used the ovulation tests I obtained so many "high" days or peaks, then it went down and then more high days, this was due to the lack of hormonal control by pcos. Since I started taking these pills the ovulation tests for the first time were "low" and then they went up very little close to the fertile window ( I did not see the peak because I stopped testing) but this showed me this pills have achieved a hormonal change or control in some way. Sometimes I have cramps, I feel is the signals that my ovaries are somehow working, I will update later! blessings!

    Coincidence or miracle supplement?

    All I'm going to say is, add me to the list of women who have had success after starting this supplement. We were ttc for 5 months beforehand. 3.5 weeks after starting this supplement, I saw the 2 lines and got my bfp for the first time ever.

    They are working

    On my second bottle now. I started taking them at the end of my June period. My ovulation tests were noticeably different. April and may I would get fertile but my tests were getting that real bold 2nd like just a light one. But for 2 months now I have had a very clear ovulation. Hoping this is the month but I am seeing a change so I am recommending this product for sure. Zero bad side effects for me.

    Great Buy

    These are sooo great I feel so good after taking them. I can definitely see a difference in myself.

    Great period/ovulation regulator

    My Health and background: We’ve been trying for kids for just over a year. We’re fairly healthy, very active, don’t smoke, rarely drink, 31 yo (me) 33 yo(him) adults. And we’ll just say we have a lot of fun “trying” several times a week. You’d think it’d be easy! So I went to the lady doc a few months ago and she said “we don’t start testing fertility until a year of trying”. Me not knowing any better, I said okay and continued what I was doing. Ladies SPEAK UP. tell your doc you don’t want to wait a year! After talking to several friends who had trouble getting pregnant I decided that I didn’t want to wait a year, so I bought these pills to try out until I could get back to the doc.So far benefits: I’m on bottle two of these pills. I have not had a regular period for my entire adult life. I started these about day 60 of a 72 day cycle. I continued to follow the directions exactly and my next cycle was 30 days!! That’s huge considering I usually have a 50-76 day cycle! I also tested for ovulation and found that my levels were high right around the predicted day! While on my period I did take only one a day. Partly bc I was traveling on vacation, and partly bc of the reviews saying periods lasted two weeks sometimes so I thought lowering the dose would help. I had a 6 day period. Which is about normal for me.We’re not pregnant yet but if these pills are helping me ovulate every month compared to 3-4 times a year, I’ll definitely keep taking them!

    Smell and taste good

    Hope they work

    COPD It Helps!

    Using this product for the last 3 months, I have COPD, and I have been on Advair for over 15 years, recently Trelegy. My type of COPD is really bad at night and sleeping was unmercifully hard as I felt my lungs collapsing wheezing and gurgling when trying to take a deep breath. I found out that my Laundry soup was aggravating it, so I switched to Ecos Laundry soap (Walmart) and that made a huge difference, but not enough to stop the Advair. However, since I started using Breathe, I stopped regularly using inhaled steroids. I have used my rescue inhaler a couple times, and a couple times I used my inhaled steroid, and that is because I caught a cold. I'm no longer tied to an expensive inhaled steroid. What a life saver, cause I don't like taking medicine. I'm not saying it would work for everyone, but I think if you have COPD, its worth giving a shot. It is a game changer for me.