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    Broke the recurrent infection cycle

    An elderly female relative was suffering with recurrent UTI's and the side effects from antibiotics made her miserable too. Her urologist suggested d-mannose along with other measures once her last infection cleared up. She has been infection free for about a year after taking these pills. She takes one in the am and one at night. They have really worked at preventing new infections from occurring.

    FINALLY!! Something works!!!

    So far so good! Have only been taking for a few days, but it has helped me with my premenstrual bloating! And, my energy level has improved drastically! Will definitely be buying more.

    Helps with hormone balance

    I order this product to help balance my hormones. I've been taking for 10 days and I've noticed a difference already. I'm feeling more balanced. The capsules are easy to swallow. I would definitely recommend!!!

    Works perfectly 💯

    Subbed and want more. Plz come back 🙏

    Great product, great deal, I will purchase again in the future, Thanks.

    Great product, great deal, I will purchase again in the future, Thanks.

    I continue to be happy with this product.

    Happy with this product.

    Works good

    Easy to swallow

    No more UTI

    These stop my UTI in its tracks every single time.

    Shocked at how good this is

    I cannot be more surprised at this product. I bought this on a whim to see if after reading reviews on PCOS and the results if I too would get the same results. I went 8 months with irregular periods, 3 weeks of taking “regulate” and it's here. I'm shocked and will continue to buy this.

    Gave me my cycle back with PCOS

    I hadn't been on my cycle for close to a year and I tried everything. I have PCOS and within 2 weeks of taking these pills my cycle came back. I'm so happy! I recommend these to anyone who has PCOS now!

    It worth it

    Worth it will buy again

    WOW!!! Miracle.

    I was told I was infertile along with my boyfriend, we both start taking these and I am currently 5.5 months pregnant with a HEALTHY BABY GIRL! We took the whole two months worth of pills and about 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Only bad thing I could ever say about these pills is sometimes you have an after taste and your urine turns BRIGHT yellow like highlighter fluid lol but what a miracle these pills are. Good luck to all.

    Must get for all men no matter what.

    This thing right here Lmaoo. No positive test yet, I'm 3 weeks in, atfer the first week of taking as instructed, I was definitely more horny, had more stamina to go multiple times, more sensitive during head, harder, thicker, and definitely way more cum… planing to keep taking, baby or no baby lmaooo

    This product works fast and relieves you of any symptoms

    Easy to swallow! A great product

    Seems to work

    I ended up trying this because of reoccurring bladder infections. I also was having loss of sensation. After I'd complete antibiotics a month later I'd back back at the doctor for another round. These did seem to help and I paired it with cranberry juice. I recently learned that I have Hashimotos, and once taking meds my bladder seemed to be rapidly improving. Haven't had bladder infection since. Keep that in mind if you are having issues ladies.Just something to talk w your doc about. I recommend these - definitely helped.

    It came faster than i expected and a great price

    Easy to swallow just the right thickness

    Getting off my meds!

    I love this product! I seem to have more energy and joy. I have been recommending it to all my friends. My husband and I are preparing our bodies to try to get pregnant in a few months and feel confident that this product is helping regulate my hormones. For the first time in years, I feel ready to get off my prescription antidepressant.

    Love it

    Having a baby soon.

    Worked for me

    I bought these because I haden't started my period in 5 months. I have been trying to have a baby so I know keeping my period regular was going to be needed. I took these and started after 2 days. I was so happy that they worked for me. Hopefully they work for you!


    As woman that has struggled with chronic, recurring UTIs for years, I'm so happy to say that this product works! I wish I had found it sooner! I ordered at onset of symptoms and took it with AZO (to alleviate symptoms - AZO does not treat UTI) for a few days. I took 1 pill AM and PM (about 12 hours apart) for 3-4 days and have continued with 1 in the morning, for support. I'll likely start taking as a preventative after intercourse and see how that goes. My symptoms were gone and cleared by the time my NP called to say my urine culture showed bacteria and prescribed antibiotic (took 5 days with weekend), which means I would've suffered for DAYS longer without this product. This product doesn't have a great taste and the pills are kinda large, but no issue not worth getting over for what it does for you! I'm going to likely try cheaper D-Mannose alternatives next (There's other options for half the price and more than triple the servings on Website), but if you're researching and want a verified D-Mannose product. This is it! (I'm not a doctor, this isn't medical advice, yadda yadda).

    Got a period after not having one for months

    I was worried this product would not work for me but after six weeks of taking it religiously I got my period. I have one period a year so this was a shocker. Super happy with the product and on top of regulate, I started taking conception. Took regulate for three weeks straight and added conception at the 3 week mark. Hope my review helps and Good luck!

    Must say i was impressed.

    I was shooting huge loads with this product!

    It works!!!!

    Love this product!!! I need all the hormonal support I can get right now and this helps.I will definitely add to my regimen.

    This works

    My husband first heard about this product and knowing of my frequent bladder infections & uti's, suggested I try it. From the first day, it took care of my issues. My parents then told me of some of the problems they were experiencing, frequent need to use the restroom & discomfort ~ and I sent it to them to try. They haven't stopped raving about how well it's worked for them as well. Needless to say, we recommend this product.


    My boyfriend and I are trying to conceive. So I hope it helps.