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PURE VITEX — Chaste Tree Hormone & Estrogen Balance

$ 19.99

Helps restore hormonal balance for symptom relief from PMS, menopause and more with a clean and pure daily booster with PURE VITEX.* 

  • Natural hormone balance  
  • Made with vitex chaste tree berry  
  • Super clean ingredients, no artificial fillers, or binders 


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1 Pack
1 Pack
1 Pack

Key Ingredients

Potent Ingredients & Nothing Else
Chaste Tree Extract (Vitex)

Product Information

PURE VITEX Chaste Tree Berry is a standardized and whole plant extract to help support your hormonal balance, monthly cycles, weight, hair & skin health, and energy levels. Vitex Chaste Tree Berry has been used for centuries and recommended for hormonal health around the world. 

Natural Hormone Balance 

Formulated for women to promote healthy estrogen balance, positive mood, and more. 

Made With Vitex Chaste Tree Berry 

Traditionally used to support hormonal balance, healthy estrogen levels associated with healthy menstrual cycles, hot flashes, weight management, and energy. 

Focuses On Root Cause 

Vitex is a super ingredient that supports hormone balance for women by focusing on the root cause of estrogen dominance. 

Can Be Used As A Booster 

Not your natural hormonal health regimen or stand alone. 

Everything you need, nothing you don’t 

Our pills are vegetarian, free from artificial colors, fillers, binders, additives, gluten & animal testing; 3rd party tested for purity & potency with a cGMP-certified blend  

Just 2 Capsules A Day 

For 24/7 support & protection: Usage directions, take 2 easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules daily with a meal and water to deliver maximum daily support. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 262 reviews
Best medicine ever

I‚ve been battling irregular periods for many years now and I can say my periods are on the spot every single month with this medicine. I would 100% tell anyone to buy this product.

Fanny C.
A mi me empeoró

Lo compre por tener períodos de hasta 10 a 12 días y con estas pastillas se alargo mucho más. Pensé que a lo mejor el primer mes no iba a tener efecto y lo seguí tomando, pero el periodo igual aún más extenso.


Love this product! I get it to help my PCOS and it works wonders! Helps clear up the dark spots and keep my hormones balanced

excellent product

They help me to get my circle back their really good regulate hormone levels

Hannah C.
Got my period within 3 days!

I love that these are covered in the plastic. I had not bad aftertaste or anything! I had not had a period in 39 days and got my period 3 days after taking them. I was sold! I seem to have more consistent moods with these as well! These are a little more expensive than others, and I haven‚t used other brands, so I can‚t compare with others but these worked great for me! Definitely recommend.

It works !

I really enjoyed this product this helped get my hormones back to balance I‚m so happy it regulated my hormones and I‚m ovulating on time. Trust this will work. Just takes time

shanique buddington
Love it

Worth every penny

Shira McManus
Saved my skin & Monthly Moods

I bought these to start taking a few weeks before I had my iud taken out, in fear that my hormones would wreak havoc on my skin and moods. I have taken chaste berry supplements before and swear by them (FLO gummies are amazing). I had never struggled with depression in my life until I got Mirena put in. If any of you out there get an IUD put in, please know they are linked to depression! 2-3 days a month I didn‚t want to get out of bed or live my life. I got it taken out and 1 month later my down moods are gone. I think these supplements play a huge part in that! Anything with chaste berry is worth the money!

Definitivamente!!! Me ayudado a regular mi regla feliz y agradecida


Thaddaeus Moskonas
Fingers 🤞

So my mom had told me this regulated her cycle after trying everything so I figured I'd give it a shot. I was on day 74 when I took my first dose with very negative OPKs. 2 days in I got a blazing positive OPK. I'm currently 5 DPO. I'll probably update this comment in a week or two! But so far I'm loving it!

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