Stone Breaker Kidney & Gallbladder Cleanse

Stone Breaker supports your healthy kidney and gallbladder by using full-spectrum natural ingredients clinically shown to provide you relief. Cleanse your system as each capsule is formulated with Chanca Piedra (Stone Breaker), Hydrangea, and Celery Seed Extract for long-term wellness, all without prescription drugs.

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The natural way to support your healthy kidney and gallbladder.

  1. A non-invasive, pain free way to cleanse and pass wanted kidney and gallbladder material.
  2. All-natural herbal extracts, scientifically shown to support liver, gallbladder and kidney health.
  3. Lasting relief from nausea, restlessness, urinary tract pain and discomfort.

Say Goodbye to Pain and Discomfort

It’s estimated that around 3 in 20 people are impacted by kidney or gallstones at some point in time.

Caused by the build up of crystalized waste products in the urinary tract, anyone who’s suffered from the unfortunate ailment can attest to its discomfort.

Full or partial blockage by enlarged stones can lead to a wide range of nasty symptoms, ranging from aching in the lower back and pelvis, to intense pain during urination.

To make matters worse, these symptoms can come and go at a moments notice, often leaving you feeling anxious and fearing a random flare up.

Whilst medical treatments such as surgery and laser therapy can be used to remove or break up stones, they don’t come without their potential risks…

That’s why we decided to create Stone Breaker.

Our goal was to deliver to you an all-natural, non-invasive way to kidney and gallbladder health.

So that’s exactly what we did.

For our Stone Breaker formula we used a combination of carefully selected herbal extracts, all scientifically shown to help with the cleansing and passing of unwanted material, and to promote long term urinary tract health.

No artificial ingredients, no risk of habit-forming, and no nasty side effects.

Main Features of Stone Breaker

  • A unique blend Chanca Piedra Extract, Hydrangea and Celery Seed Extract, ingredients scientifically shown to improve liver, kidney and gallbladder health.
  • Works at the root cause of your discomfort by supporting healthy kidney and gallbladder function.
  • Purely formulated capsules – completely free from gluten, wheat and dairy, with zero fillers, binders and artificial ingredients.
  • Made in the USA to strict FDA standards by cGMP certified laboratory.
  • Risk free, with a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Key Ingredients

Just like any supplements we produce here at Eu Natural, with Stone Breaker we made sure to include only the highest quality ingredients available.

We combined carefully selected bioavailable herbal extracts, all backed with research relating to your kidney and gallbladder health.

Find out all about them below.

Chanca Piedra Extract

Also known as Phyllanthus Niruri, Chanca Piedra has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon for thousands of years to support the elimination of gallstones and kidney stones. The literal translation from Spanish is in fact “Stone Breaker”, hence the name of our latest concoction.

What the ancients knew, science has more recently been able to confirm. In the 1990’s, a German physician noted that 94% of patients using a Chanca Piedra supplement dissolved and passed their kidney stones within two weeks (with no adverse side effects noted)[1].

As well as aiding in stone breakdown and elimination, the herbal extract is renowned for promoting a healthy liver function, aiding in detoxification, nutrient absorption and waste elimination. 

Hydrangea Extract

The roots of the Hydrangea Arborescens plant have been used in traditional Chinese Medicine and by Native American tribes for millennia to treat a wide range of ailments.  

They’re perhaps most well known for helping with urinary tract infections and promoting bladder and kidney health. This is because of their diuretic properties – helping to remove impurities and expel waste products from the tract and reducing the likelihood of any toxic build-up.

The powerful herb also has antilithic characteristics, preventing the formation of stones in the first place, and aiding in their elimination. A study published in Bioscience in 2003 showed that the majority of stones could be passed with minimum discomfort after supplementation with the herb[2].

Celery Seed Extract

Thought to originate from the Mediterranean, celery is a food that is enjoyed worldwide in a wide range of cuisines.

As well as lending flavour to numerous recipes, seeds of the celery plant also have powerful medicinal properties, acting as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and mild diuretic.

Extracts from the seeds are often used as an alternative approach to preventing bladder diseases, kidney disorders and urinary tract infections. They can also have a profoundly positive effect on the prostaglandin system, helping to regulate inflammation, pain and kidney function[3].


BioPerine is a patented extract derived from the black pepper fruit, harvested from nutrient-rich soils of southern India.

It holds the key to unlocking the nutritional goodness found in Stone Breaker’s herbal extracts, and has been shown to enhance the bio-availability of other health promoting nutrients and compounds by up to 2000%[4].


    Suggested Use

    Take two (2) capsules with a meal and 8 ounce glass of water. May be taken twice daily for immediate support. Capsules may be opened and put into a smoothie or juice.

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    What quality standards are in place?

    All our products are manufactured in the United States of America under strict federal guidelines to ensure quality. Fillers, binders, and other artificial additives are never used in our manufacturing process. Facilities are FDA registered and inspected to cGMP standards, exceeding FDA 21 CFR Part 111 regulations.

    How long will it take to see results?

    Most consumers will benefit after a couple of days of usage. As shown in the clinical research, we recommend daily supplementing to see the best results.

    Is it safe to order online from your website?

    Yes. We incorporate physical, electronic, and administrative procedures to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for the encryption of all financial transactions through the website.

    How long does shipping take?

    Most orders are processed within 1 business day. Standard shipping is 3 to 5 business days and expedited shipping is 1 to 2 business days. Tracking number will be immediately provided once shipped.

    Can I take it with prescription medicine?

    Stone Breaker is formulated to be well tolerated with most prescription medicine. We strongly recommend you consult with your health care practitioner for more information.

    What if this product does not work for me?

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just let us know. Your personal results may vary; however, each order is backed by our hassle-free 100% money back guarantee. We have the best protection in the industry so you can try our products without worry.


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