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    Productivity Bundle

    Productivity Bundle

    60 Vegetarian Capsules

    Are you ready for powerful, consistent productivity?

    Wake up feeling rested, energized and ready to rock to the day with the Productivity Bundle from Eu Natural. SERENITY Natural Sleep Aid & Stress Relief calms nerves and helps you sleep more soundly, so you can awake refreshed and rejuvenated, the all natural way. VITALITY is a potent formula for adrenal and cortisol health, blending natural vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts to balance whole-body functionality, while boosting your overall well-being. ELITE CAFFEINE L-THEANINE provides lasting, focused energy with pure, 99.8%+ grade caffeine and L-Theanine, for all-day-long focus with none of the crash.

    One bottle purchased = one year of vitamins for a child in need

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    Are you ready to increase focus, clarity and productivity to embrace your limitless potential?


    The PRODUCTIVITY bundle by Eu Natural brings together healthy, all-natural ingredients in three powerful supplements, all formulated to help you achieve your goals.

    • The vitamins, minerals, and herbs contained in our productivity blends are 100% natural with no fillers, binders or additives so you get only what you need and nothing that you don’t.
    • SERENITY — With healthy ingredients like Valerian Extract, Hop Extract, Magnolia, L-Theanine and 5-HTP, SERENITY sends you off to a deep, restful night of slumber every night. That way, you can wake up refreshed, recharged, and ready to seize the day.
    • VITALITY — With fast-acting ingredients like Rhodiola, VITALITY fights stress so you don’t have to. Instead, you can concentrate on what matters.
    • ELITE—  Get the jitter-free energy boost you need with the caffeine and l-theanine in ELITE. With regular use, l-theanine can also help improve sleep quality, leading to a synergistic effect with SERENITY.
    • PURE NATURAL FORMULA—  100% vegetarian easy-to-swallow soft capsules, completely free of fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients. No gluten, wheat, or dairy. And of course, never tested on animals. Just a pure and tested product.
    • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE — 100% vegetarian easy-to-swallow soft capsules, completely free of fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients. No gluten, wheat, or dairy. And of course, never tested on animals. Just a pure and tested product.
    • NATURAL, NO FILLERS, NO NONSENSE — 100% vegetarian easy-to-swallow soft capsules. No fillers, binders, artificial ingredients, gluten, wheat, or dairy. And no animal testing.
    • VITAMIN ANGELS 1-FOR-1 MATCH — Each order is backed by unconditional 90-day guarantee so you can try the Fertility Bundle risk-free. We're confident that you will be thrilled with your purchase. And through our Vitamin Angels 1-for-1 Match program, we'll match your order with a donation of vitamins to a child in need.
    • CLINICALLY-RESEARCHED — Our plant-powered multi-blends are lab-tested to be effective and bioavailable. Our team of health professionals is committed to helping you feel better.
    • MADE IN THE USA — We blend all our products at a cGMP Certified Laboratory to ensure strict FDA Standards and a contaminant-free product.

    How do I use it?

    SERENITY: Take two (2) capsules with an 8 ounce glass of water one (1) hour before bed. Capsules may be opened and put into a smoothie or juice. For best results, use nightly for a minimum of 30 days.

    ELITE: Take one (1) capsule, up to four times daily with a meal and 8 ounce glass of water. Capsules may be opened and put into a smoothie or juice.

    VITALITY: Take one (1) capsule, twice daily with a meal and an 8 ounce glass of water. Take two (2) capsules twice daily for immediate support. Do not exceed two capsules at one time. Capsules may be opened and put into a smoothie or juice. For best results, use for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks.



    ‡ This research examined the effects of zinc, magnesium, and melatonin on forty-three patients at a long-term care facility. Multiple factors such as age, genetics, and lifestyle habits are important to consider.



    ‡ In a double-blind study on 46 particpants, 500 mg of magnesium a day was tested against a placebo over an 8-week period.

    Valerian Extract


    ‡ 184 men and women participated in this study. May not apply to all ages.

    Passionflower Extract


    ‡ Usage of passionflower extract resulted in a “significantly better” rating than the placebo in tea delivery method. More research is needed for dry extracts.

    Chamomile Extract


    ‡ Chamomile can help in managing anxiety but the mechanism of action is unclear.



    ‡ This research showed oral administration of theanine supported relaxation, but broader studies are needed.

    Caffeine L-Theanine


    ‡ Improvements were shown within a 60 and 90 minute window.


    ‡ Effectiveness will vary on dosage.

    Vitamin D


    ‡ This research details the specific role that vitamin D may play in energy metabolism. More research into this area is required.



    ‡ Completed over 6 weeks, more time is warranted for stronger results.

    Folate and Vitamin B12


    ‡ The supplementation did produce results, but only after several months. Longer periods of time may be needed.



    ‡ This study tested the efficacy of intramuscular magnesium sulphate against a placebo. A wider population study will provider a stronger conclusion.

    Organic KSM-66® Ashwagandha Extract


    ‡ This extract has multi-properties that depend on the health and age of a person.


    ‡ Larger scaled studies are needed.

    Rhodiola Extract


    ‡ This meta-review looked at 206 different articles to try and determine whether rhodiola is effective as a fatigue treatment. Only 11 of the articles qualified for consideration; the others did not meet the researchers’ criteria for inclusion in the review.

    How many bottles should I order?

    In order to get the full benefits, we recommend purchasing and saving more with our discounted three bottle or wellness subscription packages. This will ensure you have enough supply on hand to achieve your goals, while taking advantage of the best pricing and free shipping. Use code EUNATL10 for 10% off 2 bottles, EUNATL15 for 15% off 3 bottles, or EUNATL20 for 20% off 4 or more bottles.

    What quality standards are in place?

    All our products are bottled in the United States of America under strict federal guidelines to ensure quality. Fillers, binders, and other artificial additives are never used in our manufacturing process. Facilities are FDA registered and inspected to cGMP standards, exceeding FDA 21 CFR Part 111 regulations.

    How long will it take to see results?

    Individual results vary; however, customers have reported results within a few weeks of starting the supplement. We recommend daily supplementing through multiple reproductive cycles into your first trimester.

    Is it safe to order online from your website?

    Yes. We incorporate physical, electronic, and administrative procedures to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for the encryption of all financial transactions through the website.

    How long does shipping take?

    Most orders are processed within 1 business day. Standard US shipping is 3 to 4 business days via USPS First Class, expedited is 2 business days via USPS Priority Mail, and international shipping is 7 to 14 days. Tracking number will be immediately provided once shipped.

    Can I take it with other products?

    PRODUCTIVITY BUNDLE contains three natural dietary supplement formulated to be combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Consult with your health care practitioner before using this supplement with other products.

    What if this product does not work for me?

    We offer a full refund on the purchase price of our supplement formulas any time within 90 days (up to 3 bottles full or empty) for orders shipped in the United States. To process a refund, please email us for instructions on returning your bottles. Once your return is received, a credit will automatically be applied to your original method of payment.

    Why You’ll love us:

    • Feel-good formulas

      Made by medical and
      herbal professionals

    • Super-clean ingredients

      No fillers, no contaminants,
      no bs - ever

    • Only the good stuff

      100% potency,
      lab verified

    • Trusted quality

      Blended in the USA

    Eu Natural Timeline

    Productivity Bundle

    Within Hours

    All three of the supplements in our PRODUCTIVITY bundle are fast-acting, producing results within hours. VITALITY rapidly reduces stress with Rhodiola, while the caffeine and l-theanine in ELITE increase energy, clarity and focus within just an hour. When you are ready to rest and renew, take SERENITY to drop off to a peaceful night’s slumber.

    Within Days

    After several days of using our PRODUCTIVITY bundle, you may notice a significant reduction in your stress levels.

    Within Weeks

    As you continue taking SERENITY, ELITE and VITALITY, your days become clearer and more productive, infused with vibrant energy, while your nights become more restful. Adrenal health, sleep cycles, and daytime energy levels continue to improve.

    Within Days

    After several days of using our PRODUCTIVITY bundle, you may notice a significant reduction in your stress levels.

    Month 3+

    With long-term use of our PRODUCTIVITY bundle, you can enjoy regular, restful sleep cycles, waking each morning ready to take on the day. With your sleep restored and your adrenal health optimized, you also can look forward to system-wide benefits for overall health and well-being.

    Rest easy, we are here for you

    • 90-day 100% money back guarantee

    • We love our customers 24/7 support

    • Easy Returns

    One bottle purchased
    = One year of vitamins
    for a child in need.


    They aren’t just a normal vitamin company. Eu Natural is all about empowering their customers and their health along with earning their trust.


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